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A lifelong photographer, my discovery of “Street Photography” coincided with my retirement from teaching.

Photographing in New York gave me the impetus to photograph in European Cities. This enabled me to combine my two major interests, photography and languages.

In the past several years I have benefited from participating in workshops in Paris, Rome, and Normandy (with Valerie Jardin), in Havana (with Doug Kaye), in Milan (with Steve Simon and Ugo Cei).

In addition I have taken workshops in New York (Valerie Jardin, Bob Sacha through National Geographic Expeditions), at ICP with Karen Marshall, Jade Doskow, Richard Rothman and Anja Hitzenberger. Through Strudelmedia with Anja Hitzenberger, Edward Ratliff, and Christine Callahan.

Other workshops include: Stella Johnson with Street Photo Miami and Leica Academy Boston; Maine Media with Peter Turnley, Karen Marshall, Vincent Versace, Magdalena Sole, Jay Maisel, David Julian and Stella Johnson.

I photograph with Fuji Xpro2, Fuji X-3, using 16mm,18mm,23mm, 35mm, 56mm lenses and with the LeicaQ.

My post processing is minimal. I use Lightroom, D x O and Skylum plug-ins.

My goal is not to change or create the scene but to record it as unobtrusively as possible.