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Photography has been part of my life for over sixty years.  In elementary school I took photographs of my family and school friends with a Brownie camera.

My love for creating images really began when my great uncle gave me his twin lens Rolliflex.  I was just amazed by the beauty of the results.  For several years I worked with it, recording day-to-day life.

As time went by I wanted to move beyond the limitations of a fixed lens and so I left the Rolliflex behind and used a Nikon film camera with a variety of lens to record various travel adventures. 

Beginning to fall in love with black and white photography I took a dark room course in Philadelphia and several courses at what was then Maine Photographic Workshop.  After that, like many people I left my darkroom behind and moved into the Digital World with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and  DxO and Skylum plug-ins

Several years ago I began to narrow the scope of both the equipment I was using and the subject matter of my photographs.  It was clear to me that my real interest was Street Photography. Going down that route I found that mirrorless cameras fit my needs.  Currently I use a FujiX100f, a Fuji Xpro2 and a Leica Q. I use prime lenses, 16mm,18mm, 23mm and 35mm.

As a photographer I have enjoyed taking workshops at ICP in New York (with Karen Marshall, Jade Doskow, Richard Rothman and Anja Hitzenberger) and at the Maine Media Workshops (with Peter Turnley , Karen Marshall, Vincent Versace, Magdalena Sole, Jay Maisel, David Julian and Stella Johnson). Also through Strudelmedia with Anja Hitzenberger, Edward Ratliff and Christine Callahan..

In addition I have participated in destination workshops with Valerie Jardin (New York Paris, Normandy, and Rome), Doug Kaye (Havana), Bob Sacha with National Geographic Expeditions (New York), Stella Johnson (Street Photo Miami).