La Dolce Vita.jpg
castle serenade01.jpg
early morning call01.jpg
Every day01.jpg
La Crema01.jpg
Not exactly enthusiastic01.jpg
On her way01.jpg
Reaching out01.jpg
The Balancing Act01.jpg
The Salute01.jpg
End of the Day01.*jpg.jpg
Finally a nun01.*jpg.jpg
Not impressed01.jpg
Nun #201*.jpg
Resisting temptation01.*jpg.jpg
Standing tall01*.jpg
The day begins01.j*pg.jpg
The Easter Girls01.*jpg.jpg
The Easter Stroll01.jpg
The Joys of Cotton Candy01.jpg
The Kiss01.*jpg.jpg
The Trio#201.*jpg.jpg
Tutus at Easter01.*jpg.jpg
Waiting for the boat01.*jpg.jpg
Watch out for those pigeons01.*jpg.jpg
Awaiting the answer.jpg
Heating the water.jpg
Sant Orsala.jpg
Taking off.jpg
Talkng it over.jpg
The Hippie Element.jpg
Training wheels.jpg
At rest.jpg
Being walked.jpg
End of the day.jpg
Eyeing the fruit.jpg
Home from the  party.jpg
Looking back.jpg
Not exactly off the wall.jpg
Keeper of the keys.jpg
Priests in conversation.jpg
Rolling her cigarette copy.jpg
Serious business.jpg
Shopping expedition.jpg
The Bookseller.jpg
The bruscio game.jpg
The carabinieri.jpg
The Controversy.jpg
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